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EDDL 5111 – Assignment 2A: Draft Unit Plan

Please click on the following link to open my EDDL 5111 Assignment 2A: Draft Unit Plan EDUC 5111 Assignment 2A Draft Unit Plan  

EDDL 5111 Week 7: Design Perspectives

In my attempts to find the first article from this week’s list of readings, I came across a compelling article by the same author, Patii Dyjur. The topic of this article is using mental health and wellness as a framework… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5111 – Blog Post #4: Application of the checklist

I am always on the hunt for great technology-based resources, whether it is an app, a website, or another type of software. In my experience, students love the opportunity to interact with new technology. This, in turn, usually translates into… Continue Reading →

EDDL 5111: Philosophy of Teaching

The function of schooling is not to enable students to do better in school. The function of schooling is to enable students to do better in life. – Elliot Eisner Connection Between the TPI and Philosophy of Teaching These words… Continue Reading →

Blog Post #3: Teaching Perspectives and Technology

I believe my perspectives on teaching play a large role in the way I utilize technology in the classroom. Research by Deng et al. (2014) supports this belief: “teachers’ personal pedagogical beliefs play a key role in their pedagogical decisions… Continue Reading →

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