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Lessons Learned: Week 12

  Here are eight lessons I have learned the importance of from completing EDDL 5141 (described in more detail and easier to read!): The importance of utilizing pedagogically rich strategies such as: instructor interaction with students facilitating student collaboration continually… Continue Reading →

Online Discussion Activity EDDL 5141 Week 11

My online discussion activity would involve my grade seven and eight English students first reading the short story “Rikki Tikki Tavi” from the 1894 anthology The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Next, my students would watch the cartoon version of… Continue Reading →

Engaging and Motivating Online Students – Blog Post (Week 10)

Applying Keller’s ARCS model to the Gamification course I am auditing, I have identified components from two of the model’s four elements that could be modified to improve online motivation and engagement. The first method comes from the first element… Continue Reading →

Online Lesson Facilitation “FLIF” Reflection

“FLIF” Reflection Feel: When I first looked at the Online Lesson Facilitation Assignment, I was excited for the opportunity to get a taste of what it would be like to facilitate an online course with real students, instead of simply… Continue Reading →

The Five Stage Model and the COI Framework: Similarities and Differences

The Five Stage Model and the COI Framework: Similarities and Differences Similarities: Both want to support online learners Both emphasize socialization Both emphasize collaboration Both have the role of the teacher to support, motivate, and facilitate learning tasks Differences: COI… Continue Reading →

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